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The Dentist Place of Clearwater offers Same Day Crowns. More recently however, the introduction of fully ceramic crowns have changed the aesthetic appearance of many smiles.  Same Day Crowns function in exactly the same way as traditional crowns, but their fully ceramic composition means that the restoration looks far more natural.

Same Day Crowns Clearwater are usually placed to strengthen an injured tooth.  All dental professionals agree that when possible, it is advantageous to restore a natural tooth rather than replace it with a prosthetic alternative.  Our crowns are precision-engineered to create a beautiful fit and restore full functionality to the injured tooth.

Why Might a Crown be Necessary?

Unlike the majority of the rest of the body, the teeth do not have extensive healing capabilities.  Therefore, once the enamel (or surface) of the tooth is injured in some manner, it does not have the ability to heal itself.

Dental crowns are placed to stabilize damaged teeth and permanently prevent the propagation of further damage.  Enamel may be injured by trauma, bacterial infections or decay. Crowns are often used to seal teeth after root canal therapy.

Our crowns have many advantages over the porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) alternative, including:

  • Exact color matching – Same Day crowns can be created in a color that will perfectly match the color of existing teeth.  This means the restoration is invisible to onlookers.
  • No metal base – The partially ceramic traditional crowns do look somewhat natural on top, but an unsightly metal band still exists near the base of the tooth.  Our crowns completely eliminate the metal aspect.
  • Biocompatibility – Same Day crowns have been engineered to encourage the gums to grow back around them.  This means that eventually, full gum symmetry and stability is achieved.
  • Custom fitting – Highly skilled technicians create custom crowns to ensure that a perfect fit is achieved.

What is Involved in Getting a Same Day Crown?

Following the decision that a crown is the best restoration choice for your tooth, the Doctor at The Dentist Place of Clearwater will prepare your tooth, removing any areas of decay or cavities in the tooth and any remnants of a previous restoration. Next, a digital scan of your tooth is performed to capture all the necessary information used to create your custom Same Day Crown. This image is then sent to our specialized high tech machine that will shape your new crown out of the material we have chosen. Before the tooth is cemented in place, we will complete any minor finishing touches that are needed.  This is all done THE SAME DAY!

Our unique technology we offer at The Dentist Place of Clearwater provides you the convenience of a single visit to the Dentist Office. Most Dentist Offices in Clearwater need more than 2 visits and require you to wear temporary crowns that are prone to breaking or falling out.  Another advantage of our Same Day Crowns is no longer having to use the dreaded ‘goopy impression material.  Our State of the Art Digital Scanner is the best technology available to ensure an accurate fitting and a great looking restoration.

If you have questions or concerns about Same Day Crowns, please contact our office.

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