Tooth Extractions

Don't Let Your Toothache Go Unchecked

We Offer Gentle Tooth Extractions or Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Your Pain

At The Dentist Place, Dr. Rashid makes every effort to save your natural teeth but sometimes a tooth can become so badly damaged that the best option for treatment is to remove it. 

We know Patients Dread the Thought of Having a Tooth Pulled

When you come in for a tooth extraction, our first priority is to get you out of pain. Once in our office we will do a visual exam, take any necessary x-rays and then together, we determine the best way to proceed. Depending on how badly damaged or infected the tooth is; patients may need to decide if they want to save the tooth with a root canal and dental crown (as those always go hand-in-hand) or to have the tooth pulled. Dr. Rashid has your best interests in mind and offers conservative treatment options where possible. Whatever the situation, we'll make sure you fully understand your treatment options, so you may choose what's best for you.

About The Extraction Procedure

If you decide to proceed with extraction, the full examination and treatment typically takes 90 minutes or less. Many people find that our Clearwater dental staff are very gentle and local anesthetic is all that is needed to make them feel numb and relaxed but for others, we offer a variety of sedation options such as Nitrous Oxide and oral sedatives. Once the procedure is complete you'll receive written and verbal instructions to help ease you into the healing process.

Fast, Effective Treatment to Get You Out of Pain

When you have a tooth that's so badly damaged or diseased that extraction is the only option, chances are you have been enduring some significant tooth pain. If that's the case, call us— our Clearwater dental team will get you in for treatment fast – in most cases that very same day! Don't let pain, or the fear of pain, stop you from getting the treatment you need. Dr. Rashid is gentle and knows how to treat problem teeth. Call Us Now to Schedule an Appointment

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If you need one or more teeth extracted, call The Dentist Place in Clearwater, Florida. Dr. Rashid is well-known in the area for his gentle extraction methods and straightforward approach to treatment.

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