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Missing teeth can have a significantly negative impact on your life. Whether it’s just a few teeth missing or an entire set, our dentures will help you regain both function and self esteem! If you are searching for dentures in Clearwater and want an experienced place to make them for you, call today.

Free Denture Consultation Clearwater FloridaTraditional Denture Basics

Dentures are removable teeth that help those with tooth loss improve oral function and aesthetic. Dentures can be partial: retainer-like devices that replace small groups of missing teeth, or full: whole trays of teeth that are situated into place each day with strong adhesive made especially for dentures. Traditional dentures are a popular choice for replacing teeth, as they are:

  • Cost-Effective – Compared to other more complex teeth replacement solutions, such as dental implants, dentures are many patients’ chosen option due to budget and personal preference
  • Restorative – Dentures instantly make your smile appear fuller and allow you to chew as you normally would
  • Removable – Your teeth replacements can be worn during the day and left to soak overnight to remain clean

Conventional and Immediate Dentures in Clearwater, FL

If you are in need of any extractions to remove severely- damaged teeth, your dentures can be placed after gum tissue has had a chance to heal – which is the conventional method of treatment with dentures. However, if you prefer, Dr. Rashid can perform immediate denture placement by applying your new teeth the same day as any necessary extractions are performed.

The conventional method of denture placement can take up to 12 weeks, but this gives Dr. Rashid’s Clearwater dental office more time to tailor your dentures to your unique smile. While those who chose immediate dentures may need to have their dentures re-sized after tissues heal completely – as gums are likely to shrink as swelling decreases – they will be able to enjoy same-day new teeth.

Dr. Rashid is happy to discuss your concerns and recommend the denture method that is the best for you. Whether you choose conventional or immediate dentures, you can be sure that your new teeth will be just the right fit for your smile and your oral health.

Permanent Dentures Secured by Mini Dental Implants

While some patients find they are able to live a comfortable life with a conventional set of dentures, there are also those that find the limitations to a removable appliance to be too much. In these cases we recommend stabilizing your dentures with dental implants. There are different types of dental implants and different types of dentures available that allow you to have a much more stable solution.

Our Clearwater denture specialists are happy to bring their patients treatment with mini dental implants, which are smaller in size than the traditional dental implants and made specifically to support full dentures. They provide an anchor in the gums where a denture can be fitted securely and permanently

The process of getting implant-supported dentures from The Dentist Place starts with a basic (free!) consultation with one of our dentists. Next steps include:

  • Taking detailed images of your mouth and important structures on a panoramic x-ray and making mold impressions to create your custom appliance. We can show you an example of what the denture appliance will look like before it’s installed and schedule an appointment to complete the procedure after the installation is complete.
  • Implants are then placed by either our office or by a local trusted oral surgeon.
  • Once tissues around your implant are healed, you will return to our Clearwater dental office to have your dentures permanently secured.

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The entire process for getting a healthy, secure smile with dentures (both removable and implant-supported) in Clearwater can be completed in just a few visits — get started today. Call The Dentist Place to schedule a free consultation for your conventional, immediate, or implant-supported dentures today.

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