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One of the worst consequences of losing any number of your teeth is the feeling that you’ve lost a part of your smile. At Clearwater’s dental office, The Dentist Place of Clearwater, we can bring your beautiful smile back.  Missing teeth can also diminish basic oral functions such being able to bite and chew foods. We offer dentures that will not only help you enjoy eating again but will also make you feel better about your smile.

Denture Basics

Dentures are removable oral appliances that can replace a few teeth or a full arch. Traditional dentures are a popular choice for teeth replacement because they are cost-effective, restorative, and removable. Many of our Clearwater patients choose dentures because of their affordability. Dentures can restore your oral function instantly which means your smile will appear fuller and you will be able to chew at ease.

Immediate Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Many of our patients like the fact that they can get dentures right away after having their teeth pulled. Our Clearwater, FL dentists can place dentures immediately. Many of these patients need adjustments to their denture months later, once gums have healed but they can have the relief of a beautiful set of new teeth the same day they lose their originals.

Traditional dentures are typically created for patients who are replacing their current denture or bridge. Our dentists perform denture replacements regularly and have a great amount of experience with the procedure. Dr. Rashid and The Dentist Place team will ensure that you are well-informed about your options and recommend the denture method that is best for your oral health and your smile.

Dentures Secured by Dental Implants

Many patients choose to stabilize their dentures with dental implants. This can be done with a mini version of dental implants or traditional ones.

Mini implant supported dentures - If you choose mini implant supported dentures, miniature screws will be surgically place in the jaw and will fuse with the jawbone to provide long-term function. These implants are smaller in size than the traditional dental implants and are made specifically for full denture support. They provide an anchor in the gums where a denture can be fitted securely and permanently.

Dentures supported by traditional dental implants – Traditional dental implants can also be used to secure dentures. Lot's of patients love this option because variations of this method allow for a palateless upper denture. Many types of dentures cover the roof of the mouth but with implant supported dentures, patients have options where the roof of their mouth can remain exposed. 

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The Dentist Place offers a free, basic consultation with one of our dentists. If you have any missing teeth or an uncomfortable fitting denture, you don’t have to wait any longer to get back your oral function. We are conveniently located in the Countryside Mall in Clearwater FL. Call The Dentist Place to schedule a free consultation for dentures today.

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