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Finding a dentist in Clearwater isn’t as easy today as it may have been in years past. In fact, it can be a frustrating experience. This is especially true for people who have put off going to the dentist for a long time. Regardless of the reason, your dental health is important, and routine dental visits are the first line of defense for the health of your smile as well as your overall health and wellness. 

Here’s what you need to expect from your dentist in Clearwater and beyond. The better you understand what to expect, the fewer surprises you’re in for and the more relaxed you can be about your upcoming visit.

First Visit Expectations

Your first visit to your dentist in Clearwater can be somewhat intimidating. Fortunately, modern practices have sought to make the process as comfortable as possible with television screens and comfortable seating for patients as well as soothing music and even the option of sedation dentistry for some of the more invasive procedures (though this will likely be for later appointments).

Of course, before all else, there is paperwork. Many dentists allow patients the option of filling out paperwork and insurance information online prior to the visit to save time during your visit. If that isn’t appealing to you, consider showing up 15 or so minutes early to your appointment to take care of the paperwork. Don’t forget to bring your insurance card and identification with you.

Dentist in Clearwater Exam Procedures

Once the paperwork is complete, the fun begins. Your first visit will typically consist of a thorough exam to determine what dental work needs you have, from a regularly scheduled cleaning to more extensive solutions. You may even have an oral cancer screening to look for early signs of trouble. You will likely have x-rays to identify potential problems lurking beneath the surface of your pearly whites or to identify problems with the roots, wisdom teeth, crowding, etc. Modern dentists have access to 3-D X-ray machines that offer a more comfortable process and a better overall image of your dental health. Once this is finished, we will schedule further appointments to address your dental plan.

First Cleaning Expectations

Once you’re back for a cleaning with your dentist in Clearwater, you’ll be introduced to a dental hygienist first, who will help with the initial cleaning of your teeth. This step is usually the next in any dental plan so that your dentist can get to the root cause of any systemic issues beneath your overall dental hygiene.

Once your teeth have been cleaned, the dentist will come and take a look at your mouth. The dentist will discuss any areas of concern as well as treatment options for any preventative and restorative care you may require. These are the typical steps in a first visit with a dentist for adults. Keep in mind, though, that your experience may be different if you’re experiencing a dental emergency, desire cosmetic dental procedures, or have had negative experiences with dentists in the past and need a little extra TLC during your visit and examination.

Specific Treatments with Your Dentist in Clearwater

In addition to routine cleaning and preventative care, some patients need specialized dental care and treatment to address specific problems. This can be anything from cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry, to fillings, orthodontics, implants, root canals, crowns, bridges, and, in some cases, dentures. Each type of procedure will have different processes and different expectations. Be sure to contact your dentist in Clearwater to learn what to expect on your next visit so you are adequately prepared. If you need specialized treatment or sedation dentistry, make sure your dentist is aware of your concerns and needs prior to the scheduled appointment.

Whether your goals are to schedule an appointment for routine dental health, you’re experiencing a genuine dental emergency, or you have a specific problem or concern to address, The Dentist Place of Clearwater is here to help address all your dental health needs. Contact us today to learn about the services we offer, ask questions, or schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one. We are happy to help you have your healthiest possible smile.

14 Jul, 2020

Now Accepting New Patients

The Dentist Place of Clearwater is now accepting new patients at our Clearwater Florida office. $69 Intraoral Exam & Full Set of Digital Images(x-rays)  (A $220 value) The first step… Read More
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