Clear Braces SureSmile

At The Dentist Place of Clearwater, we are pleased to now offer a nice alternative to traditional metal braces in many cases. We are utilizing a system called SureSmile, that offers our patients a series of clear trays that they wear on their own that slowly and safely move the teeth to the desired final position over the period of several months. Many people have heard of Invisalign treatment, which is the same type of treatment that uses clear trays, or aligners, to move the teeth. It has been trusted for many years as one of the better products available to patients to achieve their desired straighter smile.

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If you are interested in correcting your tooth position and creating a nicer smile, call us today to learn more about SureSmile Clear Aligners. Our Clearwater Dentist would love to help. Consultations for SureSmile Clear Aligner Therapy are free! Call us today at 727-799-0650 to schedule your consultation.

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