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Same Day Implants Clearwater Fl

Local Dentist Office in Clearwater, The Dentist Place of Clearwater, offers Same Day Implants for New & Existing Patients. With the introduction of fully ceramic crowns & implants, the appearance of many smiles have changed.  Our Same Day Implants in Clearwater function the exact same way as traditional Crowns, but their fully ceramic composition means that they look far more natural and original.

Same Day Crowns Clearwater are usually placed to strengthen an injured tooth.  All dental professionals agree that when possible, it is advantageous to restore a natural tooth rather than replace it with a prosthetic alternative.  Our crowns are precision-engineered to create a beautiful fit and restore full functionality to the injured tooth.

Why Might Same Day Implants be Necessary?

Unlike the rest of the body, our teeth don’t have the best healing abilities.  This means that once your enamel of your teeth are injured, they do not have the ability to heal themselves.

Same Day Implants Clearwater are put in place to stabilize your damaged teeth and permanently to stop any further damage that may happen.  Your tooth enamel may be injured by trauma, bacterial infections or decay. Implants are typically used to seal teeth after a root canal.

Our Same Day Implants have many advantages over traditional crowns including:

  • Exact Color Matching – Same Day Implants can be created in your color that will match the color of your existing teeth.

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