Dental Anxiety

Do You Have Dental Fear & Anxiety?

Dental Fear and Anxiety

Dental fear is a normal emotional reaction to one or more specific threatening stimuli in the dental situation.

However, dental anxiety is indicative of a state of apprehension that something dreadful is going to happen in relation to dental treatment, and it is usually coupled with a sense of losing control.  Similarly, dental phobia denotes a severe type of dental anxiety, and is characterised by marked and persistent anxiety in relation to either clearly discernible situations or objects (e.g. drilling, local anaesthetic injections) or to the dental setting in general.

The term ‘dental fear and anxiety’ (DFA) is often used to refer to strong negative feelings associated with dental treatment among children, adolescents and adults, whether or not the criteria for a diagnosis of dental phobia are met. Dental phobia can include fear of dental procedures, dental environment or setting, fear of dental instruments or fear of the dentist as a person.  People with dental phobia often avoid the dentist and neglect oral health, which may lead to painful dental problems and ultimately force a visit to the dentist. The emergency nature of this appointment may serve to worsen the phobia. This phenomenon may also be called the cycle of dental fear.

Dental anxiety typically starts in childhood.  There is the potential for this to place strains on relationships and negatively impact on employment.

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    Clear Braces SureSmile

    SureSmile Aligners

    At The Dentist Place of Clearwater, we are pleased to now offer a nice alternative to traditional metal braces in many cases. We are utilizing a system called SureSmile, that offers our patients a series of clear trays that they wear on their own that slowly and safely move the teeth to the desired final position over the period of several months. Many people have heard of Invisalign treatment, which is the same type of treatment that uses clear trays, or aligners, to move the teeth. It has been trusted for many years as one of the better products available to patients to achieve their desired straighter smile.

    Learn more about SureSmile Aligners HERE

    If you are interested in correcting your tooth position and creating a nicer smile, call us today to learn more about SureSmile Clear Aligners. Our Clearwater Dentist would love to help. Consultations for SureSmile Clear Aligner Therapy are free! Call us today at 727-799-0650 to schedule your consultation.

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      Dentures Implants

      Immediate Dentures

      Immediate Dentures

      There are often times that it is determined that a patient’s best option for their oral health is removal of their remaining teeth and fabrication of artificial teeth of some sort. Often times patients choose dentures as the most affordable means of replacing their existing teeth. There are several types of dentures we offer. Usually if a patient has existing teeth that need removal, an immediate denture is often the treatment of choice.

      The advantage of an immediate denture is you are never left without teeth. The process involves impressions or moulds taken of the natural teeth that a high quality lab will use as a guide for making a new, and natural looking set of dentures once the teeth are removed. The process of making the immediate denture can often times be done in about a week. Once the immediate denture is made, the next step is removal of the teeth and placing the denture in place, the same day!

      Healing of Immediate Dentures

      While there are also other ways to replace teeth immediately that involve implants, the most simple and cost effective route is a traditional immediate denture. This denture will serve as a “healing” denture, as the gums and bone shrink after teeth removal. After months of healing time is given, a new, and better fitting permanent denture is made that patients can expect to get 5-10 years of use out of on average.

      At The Dentist Place of Clearwater, we have many years of experience in performing immediate dentures for our patients. We use high quality labs to ensure our patients receive the most accurate and lifelike dentures around. Dr. Rashid takes pride in making sure you are well informed and comfortable from start to finish.

      We also make sure that we are available to help after the procedure is completed as it is normal to need adjustments and follow up care.

      The Dentist Place of Clearwater can assist with Immediate Dentures and Same Day Implants in our Clearwater office for most cases. Contact our office to schedule a consult today or fill out the form below.

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