Clearwater Emergency Dentists

Injuries to your mouth can leave you with sudden, sharp tooth pain. Prompt treatment of knocked out teeth, abscesses, or other dental emergencies can significantly increase the likelihood of you saving your natural teeth. The Clearwater dentists of The Dentist Place are here if you are experiencing a dental emergency and they understand the significance of having a tooth injury be treated as soon as possible.  We offer our cell phone numbers so that we can be reached in case of an emergency which might also save  you a trip to the ER. Contact the office of The Dentist Place of Clearwater during your dental emergency and we will respond right away and see you same day if needed.

What is a Dental Emergency?

If you have discomfort when chewing or talking as a result of an injury (dental trauma) or damaged dental work, or a severe and persistent tooth ache you may be experiencing a dental emergency. Contact our office as soon as possible if you experience common dental emergencies such as knocked out teeth, a lost filling, damaged dental work, cracked or chipped teeth, abscesses, debris lodged between teeth, or persistently bleeding gums. 

Sedation Options for those with Dental Phobia's or Anxiety

We understand that some people may experience a wide range of feelings of anxiety when it comes to sitting in the dentist’s chair. Our staff at The Dentist Place strives to offer you a comfortable and convenient experience to eliminate any concerns you may have.  If necessary, we provide sedation options for any patient that feels uneasy about a procedure.  These sedation options include, nitrous gas (or laughing gas), and sedative lollipops.   

How to Get Urgent Dental Help in Clearwater, Fl

We respect the trauma of your emergency, and we have a process to ensure the availability of our experienced and compassionate dentist on duty. If you call after regular office hours, there’s an option to leave a message for our dentists so that someone can call you back with instructions on the next step. We offer same-day treatment for those who need it. If you ever need dental care following an accident or injury that damages your teeth, gums, or dental work, don’t delay. You can start the treatment process by calling an emergency dentist in Clearwater at 727-799-0650 right away.

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