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Have a Dental Emergency in Clearwater, FL? Contact The Dentist Place Immediately at (727) 799-0650

If you've ever experienced sudden, intense tooth pain as the result of an accident, you know that it's not an issue that you want to take a "wait and see" approach to -- you want to see someone ASAP to have the issue resolved and save your smile. Drs. Rashid, Pulido, and Morar of The Dentist Place are more than happy to offer their patients emergency dentistry services in Clearwater, Florida.
The Importance of Emergency Dentistry

Many people only think about how a damaged tooth with affect their smile’s appearance, but it’s important to consider your overall health and wellness in the face of oral health trauma. Untreated damage to teeth and gums could lead to more serious complications, such as advanced infections requiring complex dental treatment. If you have discomfort when chewing or talking as the result of an accident or damaged dental work, take advantage of our emergency dental services as soon as possible, rather than waiting weeks or months to have the issue resolved. Common emergency dental issues include:

• Knocked out (avulsed) tooth
• Lost filling
• Damaged dental work
• Cracked or chipped teeth
• Abscesses
• Debris lodged between teeth
• Persistently bleeding gums
Convenient Sedation Options

You don’t have to be concerned about discomfort when you come to our dentist's office. The Dentist Place offers a number of dental sedation options for you to choose from, including nitrous gas (also known as "laughing gas") and even sedative lollipops. The ability to be truly relaxed during your dental appointment could be as easy as enjoying a piece of candy. There's nothing stopping you from getting your emergency dental issue resolved as early as today.
How to Get Urgent Help

Getting help with your urgent dental issue is as simple as calling our office at 727-799-0650. If you are calling after regular office hours, there's an option to leave a message for our dentists, so that someone can call you back with instructions on when to come in. We offer same-day service for those issues that can't wait another day for treatment.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to see a dentist immediately for care following an accident or injury that damages teeth, gums, or dental work, call The Dentist's Place in Clearwater, Florida for an emergency visit. Our motto is "Comfortable care from experienced professionals." We will go the extra-mile to ensure that you have a comfortable and stress-free experience with one of our experienced and compassionate emergency dentists on duty.